The Runing

The Runing is a puzzle game where you have to use the four elements to solve increasingly difficult setups. Defeat all the goblins to be declared victorious!

How to Play

  • Left click to select a spell, and left click again to aim and use it
  • Move around with WASD
  • Fireballs will explode on impact
  • Water pierces through enemy goblins
  • Earth kills nearby goblins
  • Wind blows goblins away


  • r - restart
  • esc - pause
  • nums - select spell
  • space - shoot
  • m - mute




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Nice game! Hey, play my new game in development!


I like it! 

it's a simple but solid game. 

only thing I would suggest is a short tooltip whenever you selecte or hoover over a spell as a reminder what the spell does. 

And maybe make the game snap to a grid for clarity?

Thanks for the feedback :)