Death's Minion

Death's Minion is a fighting game for the JamDNA #6 where you have to try to sort out which orcs to kill and which to leave. You take control of one of death’s many replaceable minions, going through the mine tracks of the orcish afterlife, punishing orcs for their past deeds. Don't mess up though, because the punishment for failure is a long painful death.

How to Play

  • Move up and down with WS
  • Avoid the green aura and hit the red

Theme Interpretation's

Endless Runner - Constantly moving to the left and dodging obstacles
Fantasy - Orcish afterlife
Devil May Care - Recklessly charge through orcs with bloody effects, but watch out - the devil may care about your mistakes
Epic Music - Original background music created with a midi sequencer for voices


I only had about one day to work on this, because of poor planning and a tight schedule, but I really wanted to stop watching and actually participate in one of these. I'm mostly a programmer, but I have been learning art over the past few months. Please tell me if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.



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